Open Data is a powerful idea that aims to involve more people directly in the production, evaluation, and application of key resources for a digital society. This has direct reprecussions for the way governance is applied in the 21st century, transforming democracies around the world – in the best case, supporting more diversely participative, directly […]

When blockchains, AI and Open Food Data come together

Students and experts, app designers, nutritionists, blockchain enthusiasts, machine learning specialists and many more have worked through 32 hours at the Open Food Data Hackdays this past weekend for smarter food tomorrow. For empty plates to be fuller, full bellies slimmer in the future. So that the daily wastage comes to an end – and […]

2014 in review, big plans ahead

It has been a big year for us in Switzerland. An openness culture spreading among civil administration, NGOs, SMEs, backed by the efforts of makers, supporters and activists throughout the country, has seen the projects initiated over the past three years go from strength to strength – and establish open data in the public eye. […]

OKCon Wrap-up

From 16.-18. September 2013, Geneva became the focal point of the global open data movement, with over 900 registered participants from more than 45 countries, the Open Knowledge Conference 2013 was a success on every level. The world’s top Open Data event of the year provoked about 15,000 responses on Twitter, was the “Trending Topic” […]